Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No More Coasting

At home, I was comftorable. Maybe too comftorable. I put off things I knew I needed to work on simply because I could. I hid out in my house because I knew I was "safe". Instead of stretching myself to grow I took comfort in familiarity.

Here, everything's new. And it's not easy for me. But I know that I've been given the opportunity to change. As much as I hate change, even I have to admit it's neccesary sometimes.

The family is at work and school from about 7 until 6...a long time to be alone but I kind of enjoy it. For now my plan for each day includes: getting up and running or walking (the weather is gorgeous, just saying!), devotions/reading the Bible/journaling, practicing piano, and hopefully some writing. Maybe it doesn't sound like much. But I need this. I need to know who God is for myself, not second hand. I need to learn to trust and to love - myself and God.

I hope that when I come home I'm different. Stronger. Better. I hope that I come home with a passion for God and a passion for life. No more coasting for me, friends. I am ready to live a full life!


  1. sounds like my last few months in africa and I definitely grew a LOT so praying for the same for you!!

  2. Im happy for you. There is no need for hope in changing. You have already started.<3