Sunday, March 7, 2010

a Beginning

A year ago, the thought of a thousand tomorrows overwhelmed me. The prospect of waking up in the same bed, in the same town, in the same body, with those same heavy thoughts... it crushed me.

I was lost inside a world of lies, wandering alone with my friends Pain and Doubt. But clutched tight in my fist, I carried with me a glimmer, an ember. I carried Hope.

I chose to believe in the promise of Hope. Hope that God would lift the burden and bind up the broken pieces. Hope that one day I would welcome the idea of "tomorrow". And slowly, over time, that glimmer of Hope grew into a flame of Truth. Hope didn't let me down and today, while life isn't perfect, or easy even, I can say with certainty it is good.

I can't say this blog will always be funny (i'll try!) or even interesting, but I can promise honesty. Because I'm starting an adventure of sorts and I want you to go with me, if only through these words! :)

My life's about to change, and that scares me, but the thought of settling for average... that scares me even more.
It's like my brother told me, "Sometimes you have to jump and trust God's going to catch you. You have to let go sometime."

Well, consider this me letting go. And I'm about to jump!


  1. yay. you make my heart very very happy.

  2. i love you very very much dear girl. <3 and i am so proud of you.