Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a Great Day to be Alive

There's those days you don't expect - in a good way...the days full of moments that make you pause and savor, situations working in your favor, and people who make your heart happy. Today was one of those...
1) Late night/early morning perkins with some of my favorites. Tucked in a booth, talking over each other, joking, laughing, sharing.
2) My dad had his back surgery and he's doing A-ok.
3) Episodes of CSI with Caleb. Some of our greatest bonding moments happen when we watch crime shows
4) St. Patrick's Day. I love this holiday for no good reason. I think it's great how everybody wears green...and it reminds me of my dream to someday marry an irish man with the cutest accent. Ever. ;)
5) I got to run around and play with my 7 year old friend today. He makes me remember what it's like to run just for the heck for it, what sunshine feels like, what innocence is. He told me his plan for how to catch a leprachaun!! We decided if one us found a pot of gold, we'd split it with each other.
6) Church friends and Lenten services. I love the feeling of Lent - sorrow mixed with hope and anticipation for Easter.

My heart is pushing at it's seams and threatening to spill out of the corner of my eyes. Or maybe it's just this song that makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time (youtube: Jeremy Larson, Make Believe).
Days like these are rare and precious...because I'm just thankful to be alive and to have I all that I do.
Off to pack, duckies...for real this time! :)


  1. <3 <3 <3 those days when you feel complete :)