Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here I am in Dallas

Was it only two days ago I was in MN?? It has to be more like 2 weeks... The car ride down ended up taking about 21 hours, most of it through a snow storm. Longest day of my life? Yeah, pretty close to it. But we made it here safe and that's all that counts!

I'm a little scared. Meeting new people is so hard for me. Especially when they're all cute and outgoing and trendy. Ha. But no, I'm just anxious. I keep asking myself, What am I doing here? I guess I don't really know...but maybe I'm not supposed to. Maybe that's the whole point. To gain some trust in God. To strengthen and freshen our relationship. I think I'm just tired. And I never do like being unsure. Oh well. This must mean I'm growing. Or something.

The Brandons are great, for the record. It turns out they really are the coolest family. :) I'm glad Riley is here...she's 17 and quirky and fun. I think she'll keep me sane! Today we went to visit a church that has 30,000 people. It was ridiculous!! It was like it's own mini world. There's churches everywhere here. It's neat, to see God movin and shakin around here...

Oh, and fyi? it snowed here last night and it's cold!! What a let down =P


  1. so. not going to lie. i missed you big time when we were at levi's last night...BUT I am PUMPED that you made it even though it was not a fun drive...and I know you're so right where you're supposed to be from all that it sounds like. love you lots girly!

  2. I'll second Katy, you were missed on Saturday. (but not the other days. :) jk) Hopefully it'll warm up for you down there, the sun is shining bright up here for the last few days!

  3. totally thought of you guys on saturday! miss you both :) and it's warm today!!