Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning to Fly

Usually my life is full of doubt and fear. I constantly worry over the future and stress out over the unknown. But as the time of my departure grows closer, I find my heart at peace. There is no looking over my shoulder - this is right where I'm supposed to be, going down this road, at this time!

I've been crying out to God about a number of things - questions that wouldn't stop swirling in my mind, anxieties that wouldn't be calmed. And this week, through several special friends, it's as if they've been answered. There's a contentment spreading across my chest: Affirmation and Assurance. I am Secure.

Today I saw the school I'm attending next fall and I experienced joy at the thought of getting to learn about something I love so much. I strengthened a friendship with someone so remarkably like me it's scary. She is so encouraging and she makes me excited for the future!

Tonight I enjoyed belly aching laughs and the best brownies with a great couple of friends. I cherished our random time together and savored the comfort of being so unconditionally loved.

I may be about to jump, but I'm not scared -- God's about to teach me how to fly! :)

P.s. A is coming hooooome. the end to a perfect day!

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  1. this post makes me extra happy.