Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Desire in Your Palms

"And there was no voice in her head.
no whispered intelligence lurking
in the leaves - just an ache that grew
until she knew she'd lost everything
except desire, the red heft of it
warming her outstretched palm." - Rita Dove

Of all the poetry I love, this is my favorite. I remember the first time I read it, rolling the words around in my mouth like marbles. My heart hitched a little bit and I realized, I want this. I want to know the warmth of desire in my hands...I want to remember how to live.
Every day, I remember a little more.

10 days. Then I trade snow for sun. Familiar for new. Family for strangers. And hopefully, also, Fears for Strength. Doubt for Trust. Cynicism for Joy.
Things are getting done, slowly but surely, even as my Type B personality is screaming at me to procrastinate ;) Thankfully I have a Type A personality Mom who refuses to let this happen...

Hold out your hands, friends. Let your hearts remember the glow of desire.


  1. I like! For some reason...talking about that desire so reminds me of this quote:
    David. (to Elijah) This morning was the first morning I can remember, that I didn’t open my eyes and feel that sadness…I thought the person who wrote that note had an answer for me.
    Elijah. (to David) That little bit of sadness in the mornings you spoke of? I think I know what that is. Perhaps you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.
    -M. Night Shyamalan’s film Unbreakable

    and I'm super excited for this next season...minus that it's away from me.

  2. What a great quote, Katy!
    and i'm excited as well :) I'm sad we'll be apart, but I think God brought us together, knowing our friendship was distance strong!