Monday, May 21, 2012

Escape & Recharge

Maybe it was all of the change, streaming by at once, life in the middle of a carousel
Maybe it was the decisions that needed to be made, slowed down by controlling perfectionism
Whatever it was, by the end of last week, I was worn out
I found myself driving around my home town crying for no good reason
I was tired

So I took a break - put away the computer, visited with friends, went out and danced like I didn't care
Because for a moment, it was just good to be thankful for where I was and who I was with
Somehow, it's always the nights I sleep the least that recharge me the most,
the littlest moments that help me escape

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day One::the Cleanse

First day of a seven day cleanse! 
Mostly consists of a ton of water and LOTS of fruits and vegetables. 
Why you ask?
Because it's a little scary how unhealthy I've gotten. 
And, there's that bridesmaid dress I've got to squeeze into soon =) 

Today shouldn't be too hard, I actually love fruit, 
but tomorrow should be interesting -- 
a girl who never eats vegetables can ONLY eat vegetables?? 
My aunt and uncle {who I'm staying with} think it's hilarious. 
I do like carrots, so I picked up some of those. 
And if I get really, really hungry I can always  beak open a can of green beans.

But -
that'd be a pretty desperate situation! ha!