Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When I miss who I was

Every once in awhile, I remember who I used to be. I catch a glimpse of the girl I was, like seeing a memory out of the corner of my eye, a memory so faded and fragmented, I almost forget she existed.

I used to be young, skin fresh and new, instead of this jaded, cynical shell. I believed love was the most natural, beautiful thing in the world and now most days love looks like an illusion. I remember the friendships I had, that I let go, when I was struggling to care about just one life; my own. I can see the roads I never got to take, curving out into the clouds, and I am sad...I so dearly wanted to be that girl.

But she's gone now.

And in these times, when I so bitterly miss who I was, who I could've been, I forge a promise in the shadows of my heart....
to take this girl I am now, birthed from pain and perseverance, washed in sorrow, raised in hope, and make her something beautiful. something strong. something breathtakingly unexpected.


  1. hey honey.

    you are already strong. beautiful. and breathtaking. just so you know. <3

  2. mmm...I agree with Alex. I feel this way a lot, especially lately. I hope you know that the girl you are NOW is admirably beautiful and SO lovely.

  3. That makes three of us... Moving on and moving up!