Sunday, June 13, 2010

" if "

If I push you away, will it keep me from missing you when you're gone?

If I act like I don't care, will you be fooled?

If I hug you tight enough, will it keep apart of you here with me?

If I don't cry, will it make me stronger?

If I pretend like it doesn't hurt, will the ache go away?

If I never say "good-bye", does it mean you really left?

* * * * * * *

Somedays I feel as if hope is nothing more than an illusion we hand each other to help us believe it will be okay.
but What if it won't be ok? What if everything we are is already broken -- we, a shattered people beyond repair.

.bubba left today. :/


  1. We are all broken and the true physician has already come. We can be whole in HIm. Bubba will be OK. and so will we. God is good. Love, MOM

  2. Im sorry babers. keep you in the prayers.