Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two New Souls

Two New Souls
Through the dancing grass I come every year,
Although I suppose its only been three,
Partly to soothe the tug on my heart, fear
I will forget you next to the oak tree.

And in part, my desire to share this day
with you, however, my reasons being
of soaring joy and yours holding a sway
of sadness, bittersweet memory fleeing.

Only one year ago I was born new.
Tainted skin and festering wounds washed clean
Upon the same day you left us, raised to
a cleansing of your own, grace here unseen.

We are two new souls, mine tethered firmly
to the ground and yours to the sky, freely.

A couple friends and I decided to try our hand at writing an english sonnet...just for the "fun" of it. Haha, well I can say it was fun to finish it, but that hour and a half I spent at Barnes and Noble, tapping syllables against my neck, was nothing but pure frustration!

Three years ago, a great guy that I grew up with, passed away from cancer on April 17th. Two years later, on the exact same day, I was healed of my depression. I always found it puzzling that two such contrasted situations would happen on the same day - Grant, losing his life, and me, essentially being given a new one. And that's what I sat down to write this poem about - the contrast, the irony, the unfairness.

But as I worked through the words, and what had occured in the last couple years...I realized, Grant didn't lose anything. Yes, that day is a sad day because we miss him, but Grant....well, he got to be free from all the pain the cancer was causing him. He finally got to meet his creator and he got to experience a joy we here on Earth can't even fathom.

I was so busy looking at the contrast, the sadness and the happiness, I forget to look at the similarities. Just like I was set free from my chains and relieved of my was Grant. I think it honestly just took me this long to know, really know, ok. Heck, he's better than just ok! He is GREAT.

It turns out that April 17th doesn't hold two opposing stories...but two tales of rejoicing. We are both new souls, just one still here on earth and one already in heaven.


  1. Celebrating new life for both of you. Love you, girlie, and we are so proud of you. Hugs, MOM

  2. very true good thought! ps that store is AMAZING! love love love!! will never forget just chilling there in NE. one of my best time EVER!LOVE Ash.

  3. Love you dear!!!