Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poetry, When I Have No Words...

I had other things I wanted to share, but it's been a long day, an even longer night, and I'm wishing for here's some poetry I've written since I've been here.

The moment when you open your eyes to the dawn
And you remember the bed you're laying in is not your own

Talking to yourself in the silence of the kitchen
Because you're the only one you really know

The question of who you really are
Without the regular people in your life

The ache that whispers beneath your heart
In the stillness of the afternoon

When you wonder if you will ever enjoy
The well worn comfort of familiarity

The moment you crawl into bed at night
And are dissapointed to remember it's not your own

Black & White
I see

curtains holding sunlight,
walls wrapping round,
comforter twisted at my hip,
skin blending in with,
sheets rumpled by my feet,
ends of nails chewed ragged,
eyes cupping iridescent tears.

and the

mascars stains on the pillow case

Sorry, they're still a little rough. x's and o's ya'll. goodnight....


  1. completly know how you feel! i could never fall asleep. i had to play a movie everynight bc it was to quiet and I was always the last one up!
    keep strong and I love you! text call if needed!

  2. Love these are so gifted.

    Also, remember that the bond that ties believers together is something that transcends distance and time.