Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am not a writer today

I feel like I should apologize. I don't have any words of wisdom, deep thoughts, or humorous sayings. I don't even have any sarcasm for you. (crazy, right?)
The thing is, today, I am just not a writer. I haven't really been this whole week.

Sometimes, every where I look, I see words, the people in front of my eyes evaporating into sentences in my head. A stranger becomes a main character. A feeling becomes a poem.

And other times, such as now, everything I see is a picture, or the possibility of a picture. It's as if I'm carrying around my camera lens and watching life through it. During times like these, I don't have the patience to find the words -- I'd just much rather show you.

If I could show you today, you would see my hand twisted up behind my back, playing with the ends of my hair (I straightened it today, so it's extra long), riley and me laughing so hard in Barnes and Noble we have to lean against a table to stay standing, silver anchor earrings dangling just a breath away from my shoulders, and me, riley, and 4 young boys (oi!) drinking milkshakes at sonic.

So today, I am not a writer, but a photographer, wishing I could print these memories out...


  1. love that you are both a writer and a photographer. even if the tension is hard sometimes.

  2. Not too young, of course! :-) Sounds like you were a writer today after all...