Friday, May 21, 2010

To Live Without Fear

In less than a week, my summer officially starts! A couple months back I decided I wanted this summer to be different, I wanted to do more, try more, enjoy more.
Some of the things on my list:
-sewing dresses
-photo shoots
-star gazing
-strengthening relationships
-making new friends
(and working, obviously, but that happens every summer haha)

But as I get closer to going home, I realize, this summer, more than anything, I want to learn to live without fear. For so long, I've let fear and anxiety bind my chest, keeping me from breathing, keeping me from truly living. The older I get, the faster time goes. My life is a gift and I don't want to waste it. Besides, if my God is greater and stronger than anything else, why I am letting Fear dictate my life??

And so, another list for this summer. To give up:
-fear of losing someone
-fear of being unloveable
-fear of guys
-fear of insincerity
-fear of failure, of never being good enough
-fear of the future

I know these fears won't simply disappear, but I'm ready - to live under God's rule, instead of the enemies.

"With an ember of hope
And a desire to breathe,
I want to learn to live,
I need You to show me how."


  1. you are the most beautiful lady I have ever known in my life. I love you so very much...<3

    it makes me so happy to read this and see what God is teaching you!!!

  2. I'll teach Ryan to not be so creepy. Maybe that will help some. And I'm sure Allyson and I would be up for a photo shoot anytime!

  3. I'm with more fear for me either!

    Thanks for reminding me of this.

  4. this post makes me smile real big!! so excited for you and for all that this summer will bring!

  5. He will empower you to do this!! Watch out world, the sleeping lioness is about to roar!! :)

  6. Thank you for helping me realize again... that my life is ruled by my fears...I go on trying to lay them onto God as I should not fear with him by my side but I still fail to do so, so often. I will continue my battle against fear, one day I will be victorious with God by my side and in my heart fully.