Saturday, May 8, 2010

This & That

Hello Friends,
I'm sitting at the library, quickly running out of time, and feeling rather guilty because my keyboard is so loud. No really, typing should not be this loud. Next thing you know a librarian is going to be angry at me, and there is nothing worse than an angry librarian...they make you feel so bad about yourself without ever raising their voice.

Anywhoo. I'm just letting you know that I don't have internet at the house currently. So if it feels like I've disappeared...I kinda have.
Is it really sad that going a day without internet drives me crazy?? I am just way to used to hopping on facebook to tell a friend something random, or uploading pictures for everybody to see, or googling - oh good gracious do I miss google. I look up 100's of random things a day. I also miss youtube. No new music for me.

But! Happy News: I am home in 18 days!!
My mind still can't comprehend it, but I can't wait. I hate to say goodbye to all the lovely Texan people, but am I EVER excited to see all you Minnesotans!!

Okay, well, I'm sure I'll be back to the libary this coming week, just to check up on ya'll. (Hopefully with a less annoying keyboard though...) Until then, text me or even call me, haha, but we all know how I am with phones!

P.S. OH MY GOSH. i just looked down at my arms and they are bright red. Apparently, when George said you can burn fast, he wasn't lying. That's what I get for watching little league for 2 hours...
xoxo, Kylee

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