Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Boots

I guess it was about 2 years ago, during my freshman year of college, I decided I wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Something that could go with both jeans and skirts and preferably, something with a touch of turquoise. (Because, really, I'm Kylee...of course they're going to have turquoise!)
So yesterday, Sloan and I ventured out, found a western wear store over in Plano, and went searching for the perfect boots. A couple hours later: Mission Accomplished! :)

Last night as I was traipsing around, spinning on my toes, and practicing my 2-step, I started thinking about why I really wanted these boots so much. And I realized, it wasn't just to have a cute pair of shoes. When I think of cowboy boots...

...I think of being a little girl, when I was still small enough to be held by my dad, when I still believed he was the tallest, strongest man in the world. I think of my arms around his neck and us spinning around the dance floor.

...I think of my mom's white boots, which I thought were the prettiest things out there. I remember her watching her dance, her skirt flying out from her legs. I wanted to dance just like her some day.

...I think of all the country songs I grew up with. If you ask me today, I won't readily admit to being a country fan, but if you play a song, chances are I'll start singing along.

Cowboy boots make me think of country music and wooden dance floors, two stepping, and my parents. I guess, me wanting a pair of cowboy boots, is really just the little girl inside of me, still wanting to be like the parents I grew up admiring. =)


  1. so cute!!! love them and love you!

  2. Awesome boots!! And thanks for the nice words! Love you girley!! MOM