Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sitting next to Rachel

I slide my elbow to the right,
into her space, on purpose
to get a reaction.
She pokes me with a pencil
to make me jump
and then we look at each other 
and laugh. 

Two years I've been sitting by this girl,
I realize, give or take a summer 
and some breaks. 
And now here we are, 
for the last time. 

I think of all the silent laughter,
of the times I wrote "future Mrs. Tebow"
in her planner,
Boring days I leaned on her shoulder 
to stay awake,
even though I knew I was in her bubble,
and she let me. 

And of course the time she said something 
about me REALLY LOUD,
making everyone turn and stare
at me, who of course 
blushed like crazy. 

I'm going to miss sitting next to Rachel. 

1 comment:

  1. You are one stinkin talent writer missy! I'll admit, I'm totally jealous. No shame here. :) Thanks for finding me, now I can stalk your blog!