Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Relearning a Lesson on Dreams

I wrote once of holding on to dreams too tight {here}, stubbornly clutching at them like a fistful of balloons. I thought I'd learned how to let them go, enjoy the rush of rising strings against my palm. 

And yet, here I am a few years later, nailing my balloons to the ground, right where I can see them, right where I can control them. 

Silly girl. 

This time, it's easier to let go, the benefit I think of relearning a lesson. This time, there is the comfort of time proving itself. Because the last few years, while imperfect, turned out just fine. God delivered. 

I'm excited about moving to Sioux Falls. About being a photographer. About climbing the way to success. 

This time, as I release my dreams into the sky, I know they'll multiply. 

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