Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Power Steering & Jumper Cables.

7:25 - Kassie and I leave work

7:26 - I try to start my van.

7:27 - I wave Kassie over.
... she says, "It's ok, i know people"

7:28-7:33 - Kassie calls all her friends in town who may have jumper cables.

7:34 - Kassie finds a friend with jumper cables.
... we wait.

7:41 - Kassie's friend arrives with jumper cables!

7:42-8:00 - we figure out how to use said jumper cables, switch jumper cables, switch back jumper cables.
...stupid van won't start.

8:01 - call Caleb. Call Dad.
...get frustrated the stupid van won't start.

8:02-8:12 - Talk to mom. Try the van some more. (still dead)
...Decide to leave the stupid van and get a ride to school tomorrow.

8:14 - go to leave the parking lot and realize Kassie's power steering doesn't work??

8:15-8:18 - manage to make it to an auto store
...where they tell us Kassie doesn't even have power steering. It's electronic.

8:19 - realize these guys are absolutley no help.

8:23 - we leave and go to caribou to console ourselves with overpriced, overcaffienated drinks.



  1. And it's still not over!

  2. HAHA I asked you if you needed help.
    you and kass are such dumbys lol i love you kyky.