Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2100 Rolls of Film

There is an old lady, who every month or so, brings boxes of disposable cameras in to the store.

4x6. Matte. Singles.
And keep them in order.

Oh, and the thing is, all the pictures look the same.... cornfield. road. house. car. dog. flower. repeat. and repeat.

For a week or two it feels like we will never get through all her film - did you know, tonight Kassie and sat down and figured out, in the past 5 years, she's probably brought in around 2100 rolls of film?!

Sometimes, while we're processing, or scanning, or counting her pictures, we come up with different reasons why she might do this.

First, I thought , what if she frames every one of them and her walls are literally covered?

Yesterday I thought, maybe she has alzheimers and she's just trying to make sure she doesn't forget anything.

and then, today I suddenly thought... what if she just feels this hole inside of herself, and this is how she tries to fill it up?

I don't know, and I probably never will. As long as she brings them in, I'll keep developing them. And no matter why she takes them... I hope it makes her happy. All 2100 rolls.


  1. wow. i want to know her story...i vote you become friends and ask her.
    but interesting...makes me think for sure.

  2. I second bahava's vote...we must know!!!!!!!!!!!!!