Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hermit Life

This weekend, when I wasn't working, I was in my apartment.


Perfectly, alone.

Crime shows. Pizza. Pictures.

All I really needed.

Watched Tv. Cleaned the apartment. Read a book.

I didn't talk. Or Listen. Or think. Or Worry.

It was beautiful.

Sometimes I revert back to my Hermit ways,

but only when I really need to :)


  1. Nice :] After Dexter Im going to watch all the law and orders.

  2. I too have felt like a hermit lately. And it sounds much like what you did this weekend. I think we all need these moments in our life, these quiet to ourselves moments. Thank you for sharing, it sounds fantastic!

  3. We could be hermits together!! I LIKE CRIME SHOWS AND PIZZA AND PICTURES :)