Thursday, January 26, 2012


is the day after Girl's Night,
----> too many carbs and staying up late,
leading to a morning of
a million snooze buttons,
because honestly, a half an hour of sleep
is sometimes just more important than looking cute -
and by sometimes, I, of course, mean
most of the time.

is the day I make up for procrastinating,
----> last minute lab time
and promising myself I'm really going to
get this done tonight,
although, I'd just like to point out,
this isn't homework
but I am in the library,
I think that counts for something.

is the day I wonder
----> why isn't everybody obsessed with lighting,
angles, colors, and poses?
why doesn't everyone miss most of what their
friends just said,
because they're too busy planning a shot?
I think I get a just little too excited about what I do.

is the day of exhaustion
----> rubbing against the back of my eyes,
pulsing ever so slowly in my head,
but thank God for techno,
I'll keep on hitting repeat.
It's all worth it, because today I laughed,
I got things done,
and I created art.

Thursday, is good.

1 comment:

  1. Kylee- I think this was beautiful :) It makes me love Thursdays for you! Keep enjoying life!