Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the end is Beginning

It’s good to be back, in my own little place, with its abundance of turquoise and photographs.

I like the 3 hours between here and Sioux Falls, filled with words and thoughts and plans. Somehow my brother and I always understand each other most in those hours than anytime else.

Back to class on Monday! - my very last semester, which is overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. I’ve been scheming up ideas for photo shoots and I’m anxious to get started. Pretty, pretty images floating round in my mind =)

I keep wondering what I’m going to do with my life after school and I still haven’t come to a conclusion…which is okay I suppose, I still have some time, it’s just interesting walking a line between practicality and dreams.

I never want to be afraid to dream big, but bills are bills, you know?

The good thing is, dreams don’t expire. In time friends, in time.

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  1. You can always make dreams reality! Sometimes it just takes longer then you expect!