Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See Past Yourself

:: Well you say “hold on, if I could just try this one thing.
Well I know I can change and that would change everything”
But a house made of mirrors never helped you see any clearer
It’s yourself you can’t see past
And Lord, isn’t that just like me?
If only we could see, that He’s already set us free ::

[Lyrics from House of Mirrors, by Tenth Avenue North.]

I love,especially, the line, "It's yourself you can't see past." You'd think we'd know by now we're our own worst enemies.

What if for today, one single day, you laid down your mirrors. And instead looked to your friends. And your family. And let them show you what you look like.

Let them show you the parts they love, the pretty pieces you over look, let them show you the version of yourself you normally won't admit exists.

And you know...at the end of the day...maybe you won't need to pick up your mirrors. Or at least not hold them so close. Like the song says,

He's already set us free


  1. awesome lyrics! so true!

  2. Kylee, you are beautiful inside and out! Your words always move me.