Friday, November 19, 2010

the elderly couple

I was rubbing my neck, turning away from my computer screen, wishing the paper would just write itself already, when I saw them.

An elderly couple two table down. It stood out to me he had taken the seat next to her, instead of across from her, so that they were closer. Their heads were bent towards each other, words rolling low in their throats. From what I could hear, it was just their plans for the day, but they shared it like a well worn secret.

I couldn't help but notice the young couple directly behind them, sitting in seperate chairs, him on his phone, her in a book. Not touching, or talking, or acknowdleging.

I smiled and decided to believe, even after all these years, the elderly couple still just wanted to be close to each other.


  1. I'll have to remember to sit next to instead of across from. :-) -L

  2. AWWW!! I love seeing older people like that! I saw a little couple like that too but there probably not as cool as your couple..

    I was at walmart with elizabeth and there was this old couple that looked well into 70's. The guy had blue eyes that looked like they were getting ready to fall out. the lady was in one of those scooters and didnt hear very well. Iknow this because he was pretty much yelling to tell her something and she was like what?? she was a cute old lady she had white curled hair, and blue eyes. The whole time his hand was on her back and they were trying to decide where to go next. I thought it was really cute that they still went out together. this might have been one of those things where you just had to be there for it to be cute.

  3. Love this story. I always tell Craig that I want to be like the cute old people who still hold hands. When we were flying and sitting in the airport, it was sooo interesting people watching. As soon as a person got off a plane, their phone, blackberry, or other device was in their hand and they were in the middle of their convo. People now days rely so much on technology, but really, how do you get to know a person if your constantly behind a computer screen, on a phone, etc?

  4. <3 I love this. I read it the other day but I couldn't comment on it. So, I really like this. Matt and I went to El Tapatio and sat next to each other. I felt epic. End of Story!!