Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Days

5 whole days of goodness. In a row. I don't think I can remember the last time that's happened.

Friday night I sat at caribou and was ecstatic to find contentment curled soft in my chest. I breathed out and waited, but it didn't leave. And then I thought, maybe joy is just continued contentment, prolonged cheerfulness, long term hope...

I prayed for a servant heart, massive amounts of patience, and relentless energy when it came to work - and God delievered! Life was such a relief without the burden work had become.

I also had the chance in the last couple days, to simply be with friends, in Willmar and Alexandria, and it's made all the difference. For some reason, people seem to like me, and the idea fascinates me -- I still don't really understand why, but the more I realize people love me, the more I believe there may be something in me worth loving.

And finally, I've had this day, this wonderful monday, with my family. The dance party with Korin, breakfast with my parents, and serious conversations with Caleb. They make my heart so happy.

p.s. i even wore dresses to work this week. that's how good I felt ;)


  1. I not only like you, but I love you! So glad we got to spend some time together :)

  2. that's my girl!! keep your focus on the one and only! He is the only one who gets us through! I am so proud of you being you focused on HIM! MOM

  3. yay kj.
    God is good. always.
    love you bunches!