Saturday, September 25, 2010


I arrived to class the other morning and said to my friends, " You guys, have you ever taken alka-seltzer? It is like the biggest pill, and I am so bad at taking was awful."


I look up to find their eyes on me, brows quirked.

"You know you're supposed to put those in water...right?" One says.

I pause as that sinks in.

"WHAT?" I can feel the heat rising in my face.

Everyone is falling over laughing and I'm pounding the table, "Wait, will it still work?? I need this medicine, will it still work??"

And then, it occurs to me... I may not be as stupid as I feel.

I say, "You guys... no... it's the gel tablets. Not the regular ones! I'm not THAT stupid..."

Then of course we burst out laughing all over again...because the sad thing is, I could see myself doing that :)

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