Friday, December 27, 2013

Just a girl

8 months ago, I wasn't happy with myself.
Wasn't proud of who I was or where I was going.
I didn't like acknowledging who I was becoming, so I stopped writing. 
Because if I never let the words come out, never watched them press into the paper, then maybe it made them a little less true. 

I thought, for awhile, that in order to blog, to write, I needed to be cute and cheerful and perpetually inspirational. I felt pressure.
All the other blogs had themes and contests and trendy outfits -- wasn't that what I was supposed to be? 

But I'm not. 
I'm just a girl. 
Who's been broken and restored.
Who carries scars and hope in the same heart.  
I'm not here to impress you,
preach to you, 
or pretend with you. 

This place,
is for the words that press on my heart,
those thoughts I can't shake loose.
It's for the days I struggle with my Lord
and when I cling to His Truth. 

Maybe you'll find pieces of yourself here,
in the imperfections,
the frustrations,
the joys,
and the triumphs. 

Come as you are! 
I'm just a girl. 

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