Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where we Are, is Really Not so Bad

am a naturally selfish person.
I complain
so people understand
just how darn hard my life is
{although lets be real,
it's not}
and feel sorry for myself
on a regular basis.

I work next to a friend
who's sister is
recovering  from
a double mastectomy
and suddenly
the tears in her eyes
put life back into perspective,
the catch in her throat
shifts priorities back into place.

while exhausted,
I am alive
and while not ideal,
this body is whole.
My family
may be rough
and raw around
the edges but
they are mine and they are here.

surprises me
that even after
losing and learning
things the hard way,
after promises of life
with no regrets,
I still forget.
I still take these blessings for granted.

lets be thankful for where we are, instead of waiting for something  to remind us how good it is


  1. You are one amazing girl, who I love dearly, and I am thankful and proud to call you my friend.

    Sara G