Sunday, September 16, 2012

on a farm in Iowa

we went out, for about an hour or so, to "experience iowa" as I said, with a laugh. Although i meant it too, you have go out on the dirt roads and soak in the night air, so full of stars; go and meet the local folk, who will not only show you the bathroom, but insist on standing inside with you

when they ask, he says, "we're like family". and i smile because it's true, even though it's been about 7 years since I last saw the guy. but our moms are best friends from high school and we've been playing together since as early as i can remember. it's one of those friendships that doesn't fade, just sits, suspended

he fills me in on life as we drive back, his face illuminated by the dashboard lights. his voice is lower and his hair is longer and i'm pleasantly surprised to find a man where i once knew a boy

we fall asleep in the living room, just like we're 10 all over again, sinking into couches with puppies curled against our stomachs. we laugh about boys and girls and nothing at all until its three in the morning and we've run out of air

some of my favorite memories have taken place on that farm. i think it's because it's one of the few places left in my life full of good, strong people and unconditional love

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  1. you're such a great writer. what a beautiful story!
    and thanks for adding your link to Quite the Bloggers :)