Saturday, April 23, 2011


Somedays, I realize I may possibly fear mediocrity - commonness - more than flat out failure. What if you try hardest, only to end up average?

Really, I think the problem is having a lot of big dreams and a small amount of patience -- I think if I don't have it now, I never will.

Piece by piece I'm going to build myself into the girl I want to be. One day, I'm going to wear what I want to wear, photograph what inspires me, and write words other people are scared to.

and "average" will just be some foreign word.


  1. Girl, average shouldn't even be in your vocab. Honest truth.

  2. You are already doing all those things and more! You are not average, you are amazing. Love the pic, Kylee. Happy Easter :)

  3. Chase your dreams and do whatever your heart desires!! Not everyone will like it, but you will still have fans and people who will support you no matter what!! Don't be afraid to try, because you are amazing!