Friday, March 11, 2011

for Keeps

the thing is,
you can't stop once you've started.
even as the needle is scraping across your bone,
and you're holding your breath.

but i loved it that much.

i held isaac's hand,
even after it went numb
to make up for lost time.
my artist had bed head and a
baby girl with the chubbiest cheeks.
she layed passed out on the couch
and i smiled because of her
even as it burned.

because i loved it that much.

the thing is,
we're family. no matter where we be.

Heaven. Earth. America. Iraq. Minnesota. South Dakota.

Some things you can break.
but not Us.


  1. so can't stop once you've started! but it's lovely and so much meaning packed behind it for you and that's the part that i love the most.