Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've known Brent for about 12 years now - our families have been great friends since way back when. It's funny growing up next to a boy and then looking over one day and realizing he's become a man. But Brent's become one amazing guy.

Brent's been like a brother over the years - giving me rides home from band, teasing me about boys, hanging out at church functions. But when I think of how Brent's impacted my life, one night in particular stands out in my mind.

My brother Caleb and Brent and I were sitting together at a church dinner and Caleb was in one of his classic pessimistic moods - ranting about how marriage wasn't worth it and love didn't exist.

I sat there with a sinking feeling in my chest. "He's right." I thought. "All guys are the same and they only want one thing. I'll never find a guy who actually loves me."

That's when Brent started to talk - about his girlfriend and how he loved her. How when it's right, you just want to be with them. All the time. And how the hard parts are worth it. And you just want to make them happy.

And as he kept talking I felt the sinking feeling unraveling into a breath of relief. For the first time in a long time I believed: good guys exist.

Two nights after that conversation, Brent would ask his girlfriend to marry him -
in fact their wedding was yesterday.
And it was one the truest, most genuine ceremonies I've ever been to.

Brent inspires me to love without fear. To believe giving - and receiving love - is worth the risk. Every time.

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  1. Do believe, don't doubt. The risk, the wait, and the effort are all entirely worth it. Absolutely.

    And, don't forget that you ARE loved already, more than you can know.